Z's Catering and Gifts


party dips and spreads
Homemade fresh guacamole and Chips
Fresh lime, cilantro, onion $30

Spicy Tomato Spread
Stewed Tomatoes and jalapenos with spices $8

Chicken Liver Pate
With bacon and Cognac $12

Roasted Spanish Olives
Garlic, herbs and spices $12

Spicy Marinated Vegetables
Garlic, herbs and spices $12
Hot Onion, Artichocke and Three Cheese Dip
Baked and served with bread $25

Peruvian Huancaina
Typical Peruvian sauce made with Queso Fresco, Aji Amarillo and cream. 
Served with boiled potatoes, Spanish olives and marinated onions $45

Pico de Gallo
Fresh onion, tomato, jalapeno, cilantro, fresh lime,
homemade corn chips or potato chips $25

Peruvian Causa
Spicy mashed potato layer cake with "aji amarillo"
with your choice of tuna fish salad or vegetable salad stuffing $45

Spanish samplers
Serrano ham, assorted Spanish salami, Manchego cheese, Mahon cheese, Spanish olives, grilled asparagus, roasted peppers, Arugula, homemade artisan toast $85

Assorted cheese, fresh fruit, guava paste,
Homemade artisan toast $75

jamon iberico de bellota fermin
iberian pig is one of the most expensive cured meats.
a truly spanish delicacy made from purebred black iberian pigs fed on acorns $350  (10 ounce platter)

peruvian ceviches
Authentic recipe marinated in fresh lime juice, Rocoto peppers,
red onion and fresh cilantro.  Served with "Cancha"
Serves 8 – 10 people

Fish Ceviche Bowl
Fresh catch, lime juice, sea salt, Rocoto,
onion, cilantro $75

Mixed Ceviche Bowl
Fresh catch, shrimp, calamari, mussels, lime,
sea salt, Rocoto, onion, cilantro $95

Shrimp Ceviche Bowl
Shrimp, lime juice, sea salt, Rocoto,
onion, cilantro $150

Tuna Sashimi
Fresh ahi tuna served with our spicy soy vinaigrette,
sesame seeds and green onions $50


Serve 10-12 people
Grilled Chicken Breast for Salads $35

Signature Goat Cheese Salad
Spring mix lettuce, candied walnuts, goat cheese, berries. 
Keylime and balsamic $45

Greek Salad
Fresh Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, red and green peppers, zucchini, Greek olives, Feta cheese, cucumbers, vinaigrette $45

Arugula Salad
Fresh arugula, sliced apples, pine nuts, garlic chips, blue cheese,
balsamic reduction, Spanish olive oil and white balsamic $65

Mediterranean Vegetables
Grilled Portabella, zucchini, eggplant, peppers,
tomato and Goat cheese with Spring mix and creamy balsamic vinaigrette $65

Quinoa Salad
White and red quinoa, sliced almonds, golden raisins,
sunflower seeds, olive oil $45

Pasta Salad
Penne pasta, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, red onion, assorted peppers, 
Kalamata olives, cucumber, capers and Feta cheese. 
Oregano olive oil vinaigrette $45

Serve 12 people
Grill Pressed Cuban Sandwich
Roast pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickle $60
Butifarra Pork
Pork, marinated onions, lettuce, mayo $45
Spanish Sandwich
Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, arugula,
roasted pepper pesto $75
Flauta de Salami
Garlic salami, Mahon cheese, roasted peppers, arugula $60
Chicken Salad
With apples, celery, raisins and walnuts, mayo
Lettuce and tomato $45
Tuna Salad
Tuna fish, mayo, red onion, jalapeno, lettuce and tomato $45
Egg Salad
Egg, crispy bacon, homemade mayo $40
Triple Decker
Egg Salad, Tomato, Avocado $45​ 

Serve 10 - 12 people

Paella Valenciana
Safron rice, shrimp, calamari, chicken,
chorizo, clams, mussels $200

Paella Vegetariana
Vegetarian paella with chickpeas, zucchini, corn, onions, mushrooms, peppers, asparagus.  Sofrito tomato onion peppers garlic and spices $100

Serve 10 – 12 people
Roasted Pork Loin
Roasted pork, Cuban mojo $65
Mambo Tango Pasta
Penne pasta tossed with grilled chicken and chorizo with black olives, tomato, onion and capers with Spanish olive oil, fresh lemon and white wine $95
Chipotle Pasta
Chicken breast and asparagus tips tossed with penne pasta in a creamy and spicy Chipotle sauce $95
Arroz con Pollo
Grandma’s recipe of chicken and yellow rice simmered  with chorizo,
garbanzo, corn and green peas $75
Mediterranean Chicken
Chicken breast sautéed with fresh tomatoes, fresh oinion, capers, garlic, artichoke, black olives, white wine, a touch of lemon and parsley $95
Curry Chicken
Boneless chicken simmered in a spicy and creamy curry sauce with diced potatoes.  Served over steamed vegetables $95
Roasted Chicken
Chicken quarters and yellow potatoes roasted with garlic and herbs $65
Vegetable Lasagna
Zuchinni and eggplant layers with Ricotta, Mozzarella, roasted peppers, cream spinach, caramelized onions, basil marinara $85

Serves 25 people

Whole Pig “Caja China”
Whole pig roasted in the “Caja China” roasting box Cuban style seasoned with garlic Mojo.  Rice and Beans  $800

Always homemade
(2.5 liter)
Vegetable 36
Chicken Noodle 36
Shrimp Gumbo 50
Butternut Squash Cream 45
Beef Barley Vegetable 45
Split Pea or Lentil 36

Serve Approx 10 – 12 people
White Rice $25
Yellow Rice $28
Coconut Rice $40
Pinto Beans $28
Black Beans $30
Grilled Vegetable Medley $30
Mashed Potatoes $25
Baked Sweet Potato $30
Apple Sauce $38
Potato Salad $30
Spaghetti Squash $30


Cuban Custard   sm $20  lg $30

Tres Leches
Vanilla cake soaked in a 3 milk sauce
topped with fresh whipped cream   $35

Cuatro Leches
Vanilla cake soaked in a 3 milk sauce topped with
dulce de leche (caramel) $38

Z’s Strawberry and Peach Cake
Vanilla layer cake with strawberries, peaches
and fresh whipped cream 
small $35  large $50

Fresh Berry Pie
vanilla custard, fresh berries $24

Bread Pudding
Rum soaked raisins  $30

Banana Pudding 
Chessmen cookies, fresh bananas $30

Banana Bread 
With Walnuts $16

Peruvian butter cookies
layered with dulce de leche $28

Nutty Brittle
 Walnuts, peanuts and Almonds $6

Organic Granola with Nuts $12 lb.

Dried Fruit Compote Spread $10

Fried pastries per dozen
Beef $45
Chicken $45
Steak and Blue Cheese $50
Spinach and Cheese $45
Vegetarian $45
Mini empanadas platter $45
Baked pastries
Guava $45
Apple $40
Dulce de Leche $45
Peach  $40